Started in 1994 of just providing door locks as well as accessories for door and window, DEKKSON has grown its business into a provider of architectural hardware products in terms of security and building interior.


With the commitment “Quality Is The Key”, DEKKSON provides high quality products, reliable, artistic and security with easy installation and maintenance. With over 15 years of experience, DEKKSON continues to develop and understand the needs of market by providing the best quality and price.


DEKKSON products consist of 2 (two) categories: wooden door/window accessories and glass and aluminum for door/window. DEKKSON provides up to 25-years of product warranty and after-sales service that includes skilled technicians, complete inventory of spare parts and customer service.

Each of DEKKSON products has gone through numerous inspections before entering the market. Our Quality Control Team carefully checks and tests every product before it is marketed. DEKKSON hardware quality is well expressed with the level of artistic product. DEKKSON pays attention to every detail, making sure that all products are always up to the latest trend of sustainable and building interior. DEKKSON also very concerned about the practical construction and quality maintenance. All products of DEKKSON are easy to install, use and maintain.